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The solution for any renovation project

Infeel agglutinates in a single product, the best properties of vinyls, wallpapers, coatings in general.

Infeel is a multilayer PVC material made by fusion. Durable and quality solution that helps reduce the cost of maintenance of traditional coatings and paints by 79%.

Its thermoformable properties allows it to adapt to any surface. Ideal for furniture and contoured surfaces.

With more than 305 references, it allows noiseless, odorless and without residues renovations. Best choice for your projects in which you don't have to close your commercial establishment.

Nh bretón - Antes y Después
Nh bretón - Antes y Después

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Advantages and benefits

Easy to handle

High resistance

  • Resistance to stains, abrasion, scratches and impacts.
  • Great tolerance to heat, humidity or cold.

Maximum adhesion

  • Extraordinary adhesion and elasticity.
  • Thermoformable.
  • Fits flat, straight or arched surfaces.

Greater ease

  • Mounting free of acoustic discomfort, dust and dirt.
  • Adaptable both in the original production course or remodeling.
  • It allows the assembly in situ.
  • Minimal assembly time, without the need to stop the work.
  • Reduction of raw material and labor costs.
  • The assembly can be done on other coatings.

Quality and durability

  • Maximum durability.
  • Developed in compliance with rigorous international safety standards.
  • Proven performance and durability.

Easy to acquire

  • Can be purchased in quantities from 1m2.
  • Presentation in reels of 1.23m wide x 50m long.


Physical characteristics
Testing method
Abrasion resistance Tested above 5,000 revolutions with sharp-edged machine to analyze surface changes.   Normal
Dimensional stability Vinyl of 100mm x 100mm adhered to an aluminum surface at 65oC, for 2 days, to measure opening.   Low 1.0mm
Resistance to humidity Vinyl adhered to an aluminum surface at 40oC x 90% RH, for 30 days, to test adhesion.   Normal
Stain Resistance For 24 hours, substances such as ink drops, juice, vinegar, detergent, etc., were placed on the surface of the vinyl, to verify the appearance of spots.   Normal
Fire resistance Certified according to Norm UNE - EN: 13501   B-S1-d0
Application temperature Vinyl installed at different temperatures in order to identify the optimum condition for easy application.   15ºC to 30ºC

Chemical Resistance

Vinyl bonded to an aluminum surface and submerged for 24 hours in a chemical solution to verify any change in appearance.

H2SO 4(1%)



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